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The Best Fireworks Displays Around The World

If you're anything like us, you're probably starting to dig out those winter boots and thermals in preparation for Bonfire Night. With November fast approaching, people across the UK will soon be lighting the sky with sparklers and feasting on toffee apples. We've selected our favourite places to watch fireworks displays around the globe; so you can celebrate year-round. Warning: you'll want front-row seats at these spectacular shows.

New York City

If you're looking for the biggest and best fireworks display, the Big Apple is the place to be. The annual Macy's Fourth of July fireworks display has dazzled for decades. This year, jaws dropped as over 65,000 shells were launched from five barges on the East River. The Empire State Building stole the show with an impressive firework and light display, tinting the sky red, white and blue. Grab yourself a prime waterfront viewing spot in 2022. You won't be disappointed.

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Vancouver, Canada

Every summer, Canada shows off its colourful side with its signature Celebration of Light festival. Head to the popular Kitsilano Beach, English Bay or scenic Vanier Park for the best views. One of the largest and longest-running competitions in the world, the Canadians know a thing or two about fireworks. Live music and a wide variety of street food accompany the fireworks, so there really is something for everyone. Grab your picnic blanket, sit back and enjoy what Vancouver has to offer.


Fireworks are integral to Maltese culture. Many towns and villages hold firework displays as part of their traditional celebrations of patron saints. One thing is for sure; this tiny island packs a punch. There are at least 30 firework factories producing cutting edge displays between June and September. Every April, the Malta International Fireworks Festival is held at Valletta's Grand Harbour. The stunning backdrop, creative compositions and live music work together to create a truly unforgettable event.

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A nation renowned for its bright lights and colourful cityscapes, Japan's firework scene is something special. Visit Biwako, 30 minutes outside Kyoto, and feast your eyes on one of Japan's most popular displays. Marvel at the intense festival as 10,000 fireworks cast their reflection on Japan's biggest lake. Firework displays in Japan are often competitive, involving world-famous pyrotechnicians battling it out to create the biggest, brightest and most extraordinary spectacles.

Sydney, Australia

Australia has long been heralded as home to some of the most impressive fireworks on the planet. Around one million spectators gather at Sydney Harbour on New Year's Eve, and an estimated one billion watch the display worldwide. The show, which takes 15 months of planning and involves the work of more than 300 volunteers, adorns the Sydney skyline in spectacular fashion.

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