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Holidays to Bulgaria

If you’re looking for a modern holiday with authentic beaches, take a holiday to Bulgaria as it offers both. With sunny summers and snow-filled winters, there is diversity everywhere you go here and plenty to do if you’re wanting to embark on a different adventure each day.

Beautiful Bulgaria has actually been named the cheapest country in the whole of Europe to visit. This is because it is one of the few countries left to change over to the Euro, instead of using the currency of the Bulgarian Lev.

A trip to Bulgaria is not complete without a taste of the local cuisine and distilled wine – Rakia, which will take your taste buds on a journey, as it really packs a punch. Bulgaria’s atmosphere, day and night is electric. There is a certain sociable aura about it that encourages holidaymakers to return over and over again each year. Don’t worry, even if you’re travelling alone, there will be a large group of other friendly tourists to socialise and dine with.


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Top Destinations in Bulgaria

LANGUAGE Bulgarian
CURRENCY Bulgarian Lev
FLIGHT TIME 3.5-4 hrs
COST OF A BEER 3.00 лв
3 COURSE MEAL Up to 40.00 лв
  • Affordable eats

    Where else can you visit in Europe that actually offers a “free lunch”? Sample the different tastes of Bulgaria on a Free Food Tour, located in the picturesque resort of Sofia. Hosted by Balkan Bites, this tantalizing tour takes your taste buds on a journey through Bulgaria, with tour guides leading you to a variety of different family-owned restaurants, including Sun Moon and Lubimoto.

  • Shopping in Plovdiv

    For the shopping addicts, Bulgaria is the place to be. Craft shops, natural skincare products, original fashion finds and ornate jewellery pieces designed by locals, are just a few of the unique products you can find while shopping in Plovdiv. The true beauty of this stylish shopping area is appreciated by locals and tourists alike, being the oldest existing city in Europe.

  • Beautiful bridges

    As well as sunny beach resorts and fascinating shopping trips, Bulgaria is home to some of the most breathtaking bridges in Europe. For nature buffs, head to The Wonderful Bridges in the leafy Rhodope Mountains, where three natural bridges sit. Geranium covers these idyllic bridges and there is a truly tranquil atmosphere, perhaps because the bridge was formed by the remains of the marble cave, Aidarsko Dere and the surrounding cool blue river.


There is plenty to experience and explore while holidaying in Bulgaria. Stroll around or take a swim in the calming pool at the ageless Sea Garden public park. If you’re looking to embark on a historic journey, venture over to Nessebar Archaeological Museum, home to a display of ancient tetradrachm coins, as well as fascinating architecture.

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Sit back and relax in the dry heat, at one of many serene Black Sea beaches dotted along the coastline here. Fine sands surround Bulgaria, as does snow in the winter months. Sunny Beach – a modern resort, exists to please tourists who flock to beautiful Bulgaria. For visitors seeking a more authentic beachside experience, Ahtopol bestows rocky shores and a rustic lighthouse nearby.

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Food and Drink

Brunch is unheard of in Bulgaria; instead it’s all about brimming breakfast plates, quick lunches and vast dinners. Shopska salads – comprising cucumber, baked peppers, tomatoes and crumbled feta cheese are a lunch time hit here, as are the homemade bean soups. For a quick dinner, try the king of all kebabs – the ubiquitous. If you’re looking for a fine dining experience, visit Arkan Han Restaurant for tasty meatballs and sticky ribs.

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Be sure to pack your camera, because Bulgaria is filled with stunning sightseeing adventures to embark on, where you can capture some superb scenery, as well as natural bridges and monuments. The intricately detailed Eagles’ Bridge in Sofia was built in 1888, to mark the eastern border and to this day, still stands tall and proud.

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