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Varna is the largest holiday resort and city on the whole of the Bulgarian Black Coast. It holds a population of over 330,000 people and is the eleventh largest city in the Balkans. It is famous for its culture, history and architecture as well as its beaches. It is now a modern city stacked up of hotels, shops and restaurants. It also holds both a successful shipyard and port, as well as a Rivera many tourists find attractive.

Varna really is an interesting city. Its most popular 'sun location' is the Black Sea beach, a very clean, respectable but busy beach holiday makers choose to have fun on. Varnas' Archaeological museum located in the city isn't your typical museum. It shows remains of ancient Varna, including outdoor Roman baths, Aladzha Monastery but its most visited exhibition is the Gold of Varna. The city is also known to hold the famous Stoyan Bachvarow Dramatic Theatre which is a historical building built in the early 1900's and is a fabulous piece of architecture. Why not visit The Bulgarian Black Sea's biggest, most famous orthodox cathedral which opened in 1886 ans still remains to be the residence of the bishopic of Varna as well as one of the cities symbols.

Varna holds many eating establishments including pizza parlous, Chinese restaurants and pubs which serve both traditional English and Bulgraian dishes. By the sea bays there are also many 'Al Fresco' bistros and cafes allowing customers to enjoy the open air on terraces to enjoy whilst eating out. Eating out in the restaurants of Varna offer a classy and traditional experience with high quality wines.

Location of Varna

Key Facts

  • Language: Bulgarian
  • Currency: Bulgarian Lev
  • Time Difference from UK: 2
  • Flight time: London: 3 hours
  • When to go: May - September