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Holidays to Ayia Napa

The undisputed party capital of South Cyprus, Ayia Napa combines beautiful beaches with an incredible party scene. The area is still one of the best value ways to grab some sun and party with people from all around the world. While globally recognised for its iconic clubbing scene, Ayia Napa offers holidaymakers access to a number of other exciting and culturally enriching activities.

There’s a variety of different accommodation on offer, from budget hotels to private villas. Some tour operators will even offer discounts to those who book in large groups, meaning it’s never been easier to get all your mates together for a party.



As it is heavily influenced by the sea, Ayia Napa’s weather is typical of a Cypriot coastal community, and while the bulk of visitors flock here during the summer, the cooler months still see tourists heading to this part of the island for the musical and cultural events.

Temperature averages here stay consistently above 20°C from May to October. During the winter, daytime highs stand at around 17°C and dip no lower than 7°C once the sun sets.


Unlike many other party resorts, Ayia Napa prides itself on its cleanliness and safety. All of Ayia Napa’s beaches are Blue Flag certified, which means they are guaranteed to be well-staffed, safe and most importantly, clean.

Things To Do

For lovers of culture, nature and history, Ayia Napa is home to a number of museums, including the Tornaritis-Pierides Museum of Marine Life and the Municipal Museum of the Sea. Various historically significant ruins are also dotted throughout the area; the Ayia Napa Monastery, for instance, is one of the most well-known landmarks here, offering visitors a window into the community’s past as a sleepy fishing village.

Additionally, various annual celebrations are held here, including the Ayia Napa Festival, which marks the colourful traditions of the island as a whole.

Food And Drink

Mezze feasts comprising a selection of hot and cold dishes form the mainstay of local gastronomy, and traditional Cypriot food – which is like Greek cuisine with Italian, Turkish and Middle Eastern influences – is widely available in Ayia Napa.

While all the dishes typical of a busy European resort are available here too, bolder culinary enthusiasts can sample more unusual and exotic dishes, such as snails or kibbeh, a dish from the Levant area of the Middle East made from minced onions, cracked wheat and lamb, beef or goat meat.

Ayia Napa has built itself up over the years to become one of Europe’s primary clubbing hotspots. However, while louder venues like The Castle Club and others located around the main strip or the square draw members of the younger generation in their thousands, older visitors and those looking for more relaxing evenings can find ideal night-time venues too.

Ayia Napa’s harbour, for instance, houses a number of quieter, family-friendly bars, as does Nissi Avenue and the Nissi Bay area.

LANGUAGE Greek, Turkish
FLIGHT TIME London: 4 hrs
COST OF A BEER Around €1.50
3 COURSE MEAL Around €21

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