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Polis is a relatively small and quiet tourist resort located in the North West of Cyprus. The town is mostly recognised for its agriculture and fishing. It is known for being an unspoilt part of Cyprus which remains immaculate. Holiday makers who visit Polis receive a real Cypriot experience due to its attractions and views that don't seem to horde big crowds of tourists. It is also a place in which Cypriots themselves visit for a quiet, peaceful relaxing break away. The resort is perfect for couples and the solo traveller offering both slow pace fun and romanticism. It holds an extremely romantic aura as well as lots of charm.

Eating out in Polis really will allow you to feel special. With the town being smaller and not having to attract bags of customers, the restaurants tend to be a lot cheaper than in mainland Cyprus as the food does not seem to be rushed and the quality of cuisine becomes higher. Most of its top rated eateries can be found on the resorts main pedestrian street, centre and town square. In Polis you will find mostly Greek foods, as well as a lot influenced by Britain and Spain. Dishes here include, tapas, fried breakfasts, steaks, grilled and barbecued meats and fish.

Polis is famous for its Latsi fishing port, which holds a reputation for its fishing taverns. The port also offers boat trips to Akamas, a stunning peninsula which holds a nature reserve showing breathtaking views of the Polis bay. Its main beaches are very clean and clear, and are most definitely not busy areas. They are surrounded by high hills and trees where you are guaranteed a quiet spot to watch the waves pass you by, which makes them truly irresistible. Why not also take a trip to the intriguing 'Museum of Marion Arsinoe ' located in Chrysochous, Polis? The museum was opened by the Cyprus government and exhibits both ancient and newer finds from the city of Marion.In the village you are able to roam and rummage through its unique and quirky souvenir shops.

Location of Polis

Key Facts

  • Language: Greek, Turkish
  • Currency: Euro
  • Time Difference from UK: 2
  • Flight time: London: 4 hours
  • When to go: June to Spetember