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Holidays to Polis

Nestled within Chrysochou Bay, Polis is a quaint town on the north-western coast of Cyprus that pulls in tourists seeking a more tranquil stay on the island.

The town is mostly recognised for its agriculture and fishing. It is known for being an unspoilt part of Cyprus which remains immaculate. Holidaymakers who visit Polis receive a real Cypriot experience due to its attractions and views that don’t seem to horde big crowds of tourists.

It is also a place in which Cypriots themselves visit for a quiet, peaceful relaxing break. The resort is perfect for couples and the solo traveller offering both slow pace fun and romanticism. It holds an extremely romantic aura as well as lots of charm.


Polis is popular with swimmers for the fact that the sea temperatures in this part of Cyprus are especially favourable, with average highs hitting above 20°C even as late in the year as November.

If you’re considering venturing out into Paphos Forest or the national park on the peninsula while staying in the town, a visit during spring or early summer could be more suitable for your trip, when the temperatures are a little more subdued, and an outdoor excursion will be safer and more enjoyable.

With its high altitudinal position, Polis occupies an especially dry portion of Cyprus, with little to no rain falling in the middle of summer. Data shows that December and January are the town’s wettest months.

Things To Do

Nature lovers, for instance, choose cheap Polis holidays and use the town as a base from which to explore the lush expanse of Paphos Forest, which wreaths the majestic Mt. Olympus – the highest point in Cyprus and a firm favourite with the island’s more adventurous visitors.

For outdoor enthusiasts, Polis is also situated near Akamas Peninsula National Park, an attractive region on the western claw of Chrysochou Bay.

Polis provides convenient access to an array of attractions, from the Adonis Nature Trail that offers views of the stunning coastline, to the Marion-Arsinoe Archaeological Museum and the Pano Akourdaleia Herb Garden.

Many people here like to take strolls along the soothing waterfront before heading into one of the bars or restaurants in the Latchi Port area of the town.

The town is also geographically positioned to offer easy access to some of the best attractions on this side of the island.

Food And Drink

With its status as a quaint fishing community, it’s hardly surprising that seafood comes to the fore as an important aspect of the local cuisine. Many of the friendly, family-owned restaurants here specialise in fish and molluscs. While you’re in Polis, why not try the swordfish, octopus or locally sourced king prawns?

Some of the popular eateries here include Arsinoe’s Fish Tavern, The Old Town Restaurant, and Moustakallis Tavern.

As a small town, the nightlife in Polis is not as a loud or busy as it is in some of the other, larger settlements on the island, but that’s a big plus point for many of the tourists who come here.

Cheap Polis holidays are made possible by the affordability of the bars and hubs of evening entertainment dotted around the town. If you’re looking to kick back with a cocktail in view of the night-time Mediterranean Sea, Polis could be the perfect spot for you.

Despite its size, the town’s nightlife is varied, with Polis home to quirky taverns and more upmarket drinking establishments – whatever your taste, you’re sure to find a great evening venue.

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