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Holidays to Paphos

The ancient town of Paphos on the South West Coast of Cyprus is one of the most beautiful destinations the Med has to offer. The area is steeped in myths and legends dating back to the Greek and Roman empires. Nowadays the town is a thriving tourist destination with a wealth of attractions to cater for every taste.

The old town area of Paphos stands as a nostalgic homage to the city’s past, while the modern harbour area offers myriad pursuits to entertain the 21st-century tourist. People flock to this historically rich city from all over the world for the abundance of temples and ancient ruins, the fine Cypriot cuisine, and the pristine beaches.



While Paphos is undoubtedly a hot destination in the eyes of the average Brit trying to escape the year-round drizzle back home, it isn’t quite as sizzling as other parts of the island for its position looking out across the sweeping Mediterranean.

Far from being a negative, however, this aspect of the local climate actually makes Paphos even more appealing as a holiday destination for those who prefer slightly milder climes, particularly in the spring. Temperatures during the summer do tend to soar though, with spring averages of 14°C – 20°C rising to 26°C by August.


The area boasts 12 ‘Blue Flag’ certified beaches, which means that the shoreline is guaranteed to be clean, safe and well-staffed. There’s also 3 golf courses and several water-parks, ensuring there’s something to keep all the family entertained.

As you sit on a glistening golden beach and sip on a cool cocktail against the backdrop of the stunning Troodos mountains, you’ll understand why Paphos is said to be the birthplace of Aphrodite herself.

Things To Do

Paphos holds a lot of appeal for the average history buff, and with good reason. The city is home to a number of significant landmarks dating back hundreds or even thousands of years.

The history of the city stretches all the way back to Neolithic times, and one of the more noteworthy spots here is the Tomb of the Kings – three Egyptian catacombs carved into solid rock that are now designated collectively as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can also visit the House of Dionysos, which is home to a series of stunning Greek mosaics.

People seeking out more modern pursuits on their cheap Paphos holidays can also indulge in water sports, horseback riding or a day out at the city’s zoo.

Food And Drink

As would be expected, Cypriot dishes are heavily influenced by Greek and Turkish cuisine, and because of Cyprus’ central position within the Mediterranean, food here also carries notable influences from France, Italy and the Middle East.

Culinary enthusiasts embarking on cheap Paphos holidays are in for a treat, because the city has a swath of affordable eateries to cater for budgets of any size.

Dishes in the city often feature herbs and spices such as arugula, oregano and parsley, with aromatic kolliandros/kolyandro (coriander) and artisha (cumin) widely used. Popular gastronomical establishments include Letymbou Tavern and Laona Restaurant. While in Paphos, why not try some of the locally sourced octopus, squid or soft-shelled crab?

Paphos is arguably as famous for its nightlife as it is for its colourful history and sparkling beaches. You’re sure to find a night-time venue in Paphos perfectly suited to your tastes, whether you’re after an exciting evening of flashing lights and fist-pumping music, or a more relaxed affair of softly clinking ice cubes and the soothing notes of Cypriot folk music.

Many of Paphos’ louder, more popular clubs are centred around the main strip, so much so that the area is known to visitors as either Nightlife Street or Bar Street, while locals call it Agiou Antoniou.

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