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Holidays to Nissi Beach

While many of us associate Ayia Napa, Cyprus, with world-class clubbing venues and loud music, the Nissi Beach resort does have a quieter side to offer its visitors.

Located a comfortable few miles away from the vibrant core of the town, Nissi Beach is close enough to central Ayia Napa to offer easy access to its amenities, while far enough to shield visitors from the hustle and bustle of night-time revellers.

It’s not hard to see why cheap Nissi Beach holidays are so popular with more mature Brits and families, when you take into account the array of attractions and fine cuisine available.



As might be expected, the weather in the Nissi Beach area is heavily influenced by the sea, but temperatures here don’t tend to dip lower than 12°C-14°C during the winter months, while sea temperatures remain fairly constant, ranging between 17°C and 28°C through the year.

Nissi Beach is best experienced in the summer when the resort is at its hottest, as the warmer weather makes taking a dip the bay’s mirror-like water perfect.


The Nissi Bay area is home to the majority of the resort’s best beaches, including Landa, Makronissos, and Sandy Bay. The beach area comprises near-white sand and warm, shallow water at low tide.

There is also Ayia Thekla, a beach area popular with joggers, paragliders and kite surfers.

Things To Do

Ayia Thekla also appeals to history buffs, since nearby rocks house an intriguing system of tombs dating back centuries.

The WaterWorld Waterpark is one of the top attractions in the Nissi Beach area of Ayia Napa. Since opening in the ‘90s, this Greek mythology-themed attraction has welcomed thousands of tourists every year and received a number of international awards.

Food And Drink

Since Nissi Beach is located just a couple of miles to the west of the centre of Ayia Napa, visitors can head into the town during the early hours of the evening to sample the broad selection of restaurants there.

Traditional Greek mezze meals, which are made up of a selection of hot and cold dishes similar to Spanish tapas, form the mainstay of the local cuisine. Examples of mezze dinners can include warm Cypriot bread served with mixed feta salads, alongside a selection of marinated olives and houmous.

For visitors who are already familiar with Greek and Turkish dishes and want to try something else, there’s also a selection of eateries serving food from all over the world. Affordable restaurants are dotted throughout the town, meaning that Brits on cheap Nissi Beach holidays can eat well and stay within their budget.

In the area surrounding Nissi Bay, the nights are somewhat more laid-back affairs than the rip-roaring nightlife of central Ayia Napa. Younger couples seeking a romantic evening in view of the sea or mature visitors wanting to avoid the bustle of the main clubs can find a number of relaxing bars and restaurants in the vicinity of Nissi Beach.

The area does host some lively entertainment though. Makronissos Beach, for instance, sees various international acts performing for revellers each summer.

LANGUAGE Greek, Turkish
COST OF A BEER Around €1.50
3 COURSE MEAL Around €21

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