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Holidays to Boston


Boston is probably the most historic of all of the USA’s cities and provides a great alternative to New York, capturing all of the urban excitement without the crowds. Boston is a place where the citizens of this Eastern American city once threw a load of British tea into the ocean. Outrageous isn’t it? Well, that incident, or the Boston Tea Party as it is well known, was a key part in gaining America’s independence from British rule.

This event left Boston with a rich and interesting history and a population of proud and friendly locals that are happy to enlighten visitors about this city’s long history. Not only are Bostonians a proud bunch, they’re also a little sports crazy. Come here in the summer, catch a Boston Red Sox baseball game and you may just get caught up in sports fever yourself!

Just as Boston knows how to play hard in the many Irish bars, they know how to work hard too. Boston is home to Harvard University, the oldest university in the USA, where many US Presidents have studied and it was also where Facebook was invented!


Things To Do

Boston is well aware of its place in American history and takes great pride in giving the tourists the best possible experience of the city’s past. The best way to take in several of the city’s key sites, is by taking a stroll around the freedom trail.

The freedom trail is a two and a half mile brick-lined route that takes you past 16 of Boston’s most significant sites. For history buffs, the best way to get the most out of the trail is with a guided tour, though more tech-savvy punters will love using the official smart-phone app as a virtual tour guide.

Sports fans are well catered for in Boston, home to some of the USA’s biggest sports teams. Our top tip is to time your trip to coincide with a game at the beautiful Fenway Park, home to the legendary Boston Red Sox. Fenway Park is the oldest Major League Baseball stadium in the country and has a unique charm that will appeal to both baseball fans and those looking for a slice of true Bostonian culture.

For a spot of people watching, head across the river to Harvard University where you can grab a coffee and see where some of the world’s most iconic minds came to study.

Food And Drink

The cosmopolitan nature of Boston and the East Coast means that the area has a very advanced dining scene. Restaurants in the downtown area attract some of the world’s best chefs, though often have prices that reflect their business orientated clientele.

The ‘South End’ district, a formerly poor district, now popular with young professionals and the arts crowd, has become a great place to seek out the trendiest new eateries. The area offers food from around the globe, from Spanish tapas to Japanese sushi – not to mention being a hub for street food and the craft beer revolution currently taking place across the USA.

Bostonians love their bars. With more Irish bars than any other city on the USA, it shows you how seriously Bostonians take their free time. If you want to see how Boston brews their beer, then take a tour of the Samuel Adams Brewery where you can see the full craft brewing process. Of course afterwards, you have the chance to sample some of this fine beer yourself – a much deserved pint we’re sure!

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