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Holidays to Chicago


A sports-mad city based on the shores of Lake Michigan, Chicago is a bustling place that has a lively cultural scene. From visual arts to theatre, comedy and music, this place certainly has a lot going for it.

Chicago is the USA’s third largest city, after New York and Los Angeles. It attracts a range of people that want to visit the city for its bold sculptures, fascinating architecture and has a shopping district to rival any of the world’s big cities.


Things To Do

If you’re looking for somewhere to take time out and watch the world go by, Millenium Park is a great place to relax. Sit on the grass or watch a show at the Pritzker Pavilion which hosts a range of performing arts events throughout the year, from classical concerts to popular music. If you like a good Instagram shot go and see Cloud Gate, one of Chicago’s most famous sculptures created by artist Anish Kapoor. This structure reflects the surrounding landscape which makes it an ever-changing piece of art. Just around the corner from this shiny, stainless steel structure is Wrigley’s Square, a public space which contains the Millennium Monument.

Alternatively, discover Chicago’s imposing skyline from the water. Hop aboard a cruise on Lake Michigan to see landmarks such as the Willis Tower, the John Hancock Centre and Shedd Aquarium. For the more active holidaymaker, discover the heart of Chicago by kayaking around the city’s rivers and waterways. With a great shopping district, Chicago is a great place to spend some dollars.

The Magnificent Mile offers exquisite shopping, dining and entertainment and is a great place to spend an evening. Maybe though, you fancy an evening watching one of Chicago’s sports teams compete? With a choice of Chicago Bulls, Chicago Bears, Chicago Cubs and Chicago Blackhawks competing in basketball, American football, baseball and ice hockey respectively, any sports fans will be right at home in this city.

Food And Drink

No trip to Chicago would be complete without trying some original Chicago style pizza. One of the most popular types is the deep-dish variety and is well known for being made from a vast amount of cheese and chunky tomato sauce. Most pizzerias also do a thin crust version but if you’re on holiday, why do things by halves?

If pizza isn’t your thing, Chicago has plenty more to offer. From hamburgers and ice-cream to delicious steak and fancy cuisine, there’s no shortage of choice here. There’s also a speciality popcorn to try in Chicago – does anyone fancy sampling cheesy caramel popcorn? It might go down well with a freshly brewed coffee from one of Chicago’s coffee shops.

For a more alcoholic beverage during the evening – or even during the day, Chicago has some great outdoor drinking spots!  Try out some of the city’s finest drinks at a craft cocktail bar or if a beer is your favourite tipple, there are plenty of places to try an original Chicago brew.


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