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Top Tips To Save For Your Dream Holiday!

We all have one – the dream destination we tell ourselves we’ll see with our own eyes...someday. We start each month full of resolve, determined that this time next year we’ll be striding to the travel agents with handfuls of cash, ready to book our luxury trip to Mexico or the Caribbean. But somehow the weeks roll by, the coins roll away, and before we know it the payday well is dry. Never fear though, here at Icelolly we’ve come up with a list of foolproof tips to help you pinch those pennies!

Cut back on the little luxuries

Do you really need that designer handbag, or a new pair of jeans? Even at a bargain price they’re still costing you money, so unless your current bag is literally falling apart at the seams, put it back on the shelf and leave the shop! Brand food products are also a pitfall, so next time you’re at the supermarket exchange the Heinz beans for a can of Asda’s own.

Turn it off!

Another small measure that makes a huge difference is energy conservation. Turn lights off when you leave a room and switch off appliances when not in use, and you’ll soon see the benefit in your electricity bill. Get a water meter if you haven’t already, and swap baths for showers as they use a fraction of the water. These tips are good for the environment too!

Get cooking

While it might seem tempting to turn to takeaways and ready meals after a hard day at work, they can really drain your funds when bought regularly. Instead of microwavable spaghetti bolognese, buy a pack of mince and a can of tomatoes and make four portions for the same price. The same rule applies while at work – instead of popping out to the local cafe for a sandwich, make your own and bring it from home. Chances are your own creations will be healthier than anything ready-made, so this tactic has the added bonus of helping you perfect your beach body.

Cut up the credit card

Credit cards can be major hazards when you’re trying to save; it’s harder to cut the spending when you can’t immediately see the money leaving your bank account. However there’s nothing worse than thinking you’ve reached your target and then being hit with a giant credit card bill that puts you back at square one. Avoid the risk and get rid!

Just say no!

What saving ultimately boils down to is self-control; saying no to the little things that end up costing you big. A prime example is a night out – between drinks, taxis and post-club munchies you can easily find yourself saying goodbye to £50 every weekend, and with the best will in the world these costs are hard to avoid. The only solution is to say no, and cut your weekly night out down to a monthly one. It may be hard seeing your friends’ facebook photos on a Sunday morning, but it’ll all be worth it when you’re sunning yourself on a beach in the tropics.

By Kate Moxon - Online Marketing Assistant at