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Holidays to Rhodes

Over 270,000 Brits book Rhodes holidays in Greece each year, to enjoy the tasty Greek cuisine, scenic sunsets, traditional villages and historic adventures.

Faliraki is a tourist favourite for a day out at the beach; you can sunbathe on the golden sands in the morning and hop on a jet ski or paddle on a pedalo in the afternoon. Remarkable scenery fills the streets as well as the beaches in Rhodes, particularly in the Old Town, with its cobbled streets, nifty shops and quirky restaurant cuisine. Rhodes provides fun for all the family, too. Hop on a Jeep Safari, to explore grassy landscapes and learn about local Greek culture along the way.

Don’t forget to sip on some of the fine local wine on your trip to Rhodes. The Athiri grapes grown here are used to produce glorious Rhodian Retsina wine, which gives you an authentic taste of Rhodes’ unique culture.


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  • Classic culture

    Rhodes makes for the perfect holiday, thanks to its sunny skies all year round, as well as its unique heritage. Ancient, medieval and modern history is dotted around Rhodes, found in the quaint side streets, ancient temples and fascinating museums. Ancient Greeks, the Byzantines and the Romans, have all left their mark on Rhodes and it is this concoction of culture that makes Rhodes such a unique place to visit.

  • Succulent seafood

    Many seafood restaurants line the coastline of beautiful Rhodes, packed with tourists and locals waiting to be served tantalisingly tasty dishes. The selection of fresh fish available to try and taste is fantastic and is caught fresh from the Med for you to enjoy, just as the sun sets. Traditional and gourmet food is offered across the island; the seafood risotto is a world-famous favourite at modernist eatery, Dafni.

  • Brilliant boat tours

    Private boat tours, shore excursions and water taxis are just a few of many impressive boat adventures available to embark on while visiting Rhodes. Sail past secluded coves, or set sail from the nearest harbour to your resort, where you can overlook the pure, white yachts sitting in neat rows, skimming over the turquoise waters. For thrill-seekers, there are plenty of chances to explore the underwater world of Rhodes, with The Waterhoppers Diving School.


There’s something for everyone in Rhodes, with an array of activities to choose from. Feel the warm breeze of the sea air brush against your sun-kissed skin, on an unforgettable Jeep Safari experience. Faliraki Waterpark is another popular favourite for active families looking for an enjoyable day out with the kids, providing soothing wave pools for parents and exciting pirate ship adventures for the little ones.

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The beaches in Rhodes offer keen swimmers plenty of opportunities to practice their best back stroke, while admiring the sea life in the ocean waters, or lie in the sun on one of the many quiet, secluded beaches situated on this majestic island. Holidaymakers can sunbathe all day and then take a break from the heat and sign up for a windsurfing adventure, or jump on a banana boat with friends.

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Food and Drink

Dinner time starts at 9pm in Rhodes, so expect your dining experience to carry on into the early hours. Tasty Tavernas can be found on every corner and offer picturesque beachside views as you eat. For a true representation of what Greeks eat, try a side of zucchini fried to perfection, with a side of traditional Tzatziki dip. If you’re looking for a local delicacy, order a glass of Rhodes’ homemade champagne and enjoy bubbles at an affordable price.

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Sit down on one of the seats that once gave holidaymakers and locals alike fantastic views of the fascinating Haleion Games, at the Ancient Olympic Stadium and admire the magnificent architecture that still remains today. The Jewish Quarter comprises narrow streets and rich history and the Mandraki Harbour is the home to some of Rhodes’ most famous festivals and is a local hotspot for weddings.

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