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Holidays to Puerto de la Cruz

Puerto De La Cruz Tenerife, Situated in the North of the island. The elegant seaside town is famous for being one of Tenerife’s oldest resorts. It has much to offer, including stunning sandy bays, a picturesque lido with waterfalls and fountains. For evening entertainment, visit one of the plazas, discos or even the casino.

Tourism plays a big role in Puerto De La Cruz and has helped the resort to thrive. The town has an air of charm and sophistication about it, attracting thousands of British holidaymakers to its doors each year.

Cheap Puerto De La Cruz holidays are available all year round, and this fact, combined with its beautiful weather, makes it a very appealing place to spend time.



Puerto De La Cruz is located in the north of Tenerife, which tends to be a tad cooler than the south of the island, but nonetheless, it still enjoys a sub-tropical climate that gives it some lovely weather. During the summer months, the temperatures typically remain in the high-twenties, but frequently pass 30°C in July and August.

The winter months are slightly cooler, but are far warmer than the winters people experience in the UK, meaning that it is a great location to soak up the winter sun, and with cheap Puerto De La Cruz holidays available throughout the year, it is no wonder this resort is so reliant on the tourism industry.


There is plenty to keep you busy in this sunny community, but one of the main attractions of Puerto De La Cruz is, unsurprisingly, its beach. As with many of the resorts in Tenerife, the main beach, Playa de Jardin, contains volcanic black sands. It also has excellent facilities including changing rooms, sun loungers and a little kiosk for you to purchase any drinks or beach-themed goodies. You can also sign up to water sports such as wind surfing, which is popular in this area.

Things To Do

Puerto De La Cruz is located on the northern side of Tenerife, which is one of the greener parts of the island. Just outside of the town in La Paz, you will find the beautiful botanical gardens. Here, there are more than 5,000 exotic plants and trees.

Food And Drink

There are a lot of restaurants in Puerto De La Cruz that cater for different tastes. Those who want to try some authentic and traditional Spanish and Canarian dishes often visit La Tasquita de Min or La Clave. These two restaurants are some of the favourites amongst tourists, offering tapas and other Spanish dishes, including lapas in ajo y cilantro, which are limpets served in coriander and garlic. However, if you are not tempted to test the local cuisine, there are plenty of other restaurants in town that can offer you something more familiar.

Puerto De La Cruz boasts a diverse nightlife that attracts all sorts of tourists from over the island, making it one of the liveliest in Tenerife. There are plenty of plazas to keep you entertained in the early evening, with Bar Dinámico being a popular choice. After that, it is bars and clubs such as Blanco Bar, Pequeña Buda, Elements, and As de Kopas that will keep you dancing until the early hours of the morning.


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Location of Puerto de la Cruz