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Sometimes more really is merrier, especially on a group holiday! Whether you’re celebrating a friend’s approaching wedding with a stag or hen trip, or just enjoying a break with a bunch of friends, a group holiday is the perfect opportunity to get your friends together and have some quality time. Take advantage of a cheap holiday package, and you could be partying in a new city or relaxing at the beach for the same cost as a UK break.

How to Organise a Group Holiday

Appoint leaders: When they are a large number of people involved in a holiday, appointing 1 or 2 main organisers is the only way to get things done. Leader responsibilities could include researching and choosing hotels, collecting money, and making the booking.

Book early: If you want to do a group holiday, start organising early! Not only does it take a while to get a group of people to commit to a holiday plan, flights and hotels will start to fill up and availability for a large group will become limited. The later you book, the more you risk not being able to get what you want.

Make a checklist: There’s always one person who forgets something essential, so have the leader create a checklist of things each individual needs to do for themselves. For example, make sure each member of the group checks the expiry date on their passport and arranges their own travel insurance.

How to Save Money on a Group Holiday

Look for group discounts: Specialist groups and stag or hen holiday sites often offer group booking incentives as standard, whether it’s a discount for 10+ people or the stag/hen staying for free. If a group holiday discount is not mentioned, don’t be afraid to ask – the worst the agent can say is no.

Book self catering: A self catered apartment or villa is a great option for groups that gives you total flexibility. You can set your own meal times, choose to cook or eat out, and you have somewhere to have a few drinks before you go out. If you do a big group shop when you arrive, it’ll work out much cheaper for everyone!

Hire private transport: If you’re on a budget, the automatic assumption is that public transport will be the cheapest way to get around. However, when you’re in a large group, splitting the cost of large taxis or private shuttle buses could end up cheaper than everyone buying individual bus tickets.

Top Group Holiday Destinations

  • Prague
  • Cheap drinks and a great nightlife are just two of the things that draw people to the busy city of Prague! It’s particularly popular with stag groups who come to sample the famous Czech beer at rock bottom prices, but it’s also a fun city break for a group of friends.

  • Benidorm
  • Benidorm is perfect for group holidays as it has something for everyone – beaches, bars, water parks and day trips to keep the whole group entertained. You have the freedom to split up during the day so everyone can do what they enjoy, and everyone can meet in the clubs at night.

  • Dublin
  • For pure fun, there aren’t many places that beat Dublin. The Irish hospitality and easy-going bar scene help you feel at home, and you can expect live Irish music to be playing in the pubs on Friday and Saturday nights. Stag groups will want to tour the Guinness factory, while hens can hit the shops on Grafton Street!

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